Metalmanu is a Cluster of metal enterprises in Western Macedonia, Greece. It is an initiative of the Technological Research Centre of West Macedonia and is supported scientifically by two Higher Education Institutes, the Technological Educational Institute and The University of West Macedonia.


West Macedonia is situated in North West Greece, 120 km from Thessaloniki and borders Albania and FYROM. It is a mountainous region with a population of around 200.000. It comprises 4 counties, the biggest being that of Kozani where 5 power stations are located.

There is a good road network connecting W.M. with the coast towards Italy to the west and via Thessaloniki to Turkey in the East. There are also vertical axes connecting W.M. with its northern Balkan neighbors.

The existence of

  • Lignite Mines
  • Thermo-Electric Power Stations
  • Hydroelectric Plant
  • Marble Quarries
  • Chrome Mines
  • Asbestos Mines

in the area led to the formation of a considerable number of Metal Businesses. The Lignite Mines and the Power Stations are owned by the Public Power Corporation S.A., which is the Public Electricity Company. It is a huge company that holds the Energy monopoly in Greece.

The factories and mines use a very big number of machines that need regular servicing and repairing. Hence Machining Factories evolved. In addition all this industrial activity meant a great need for industrial buildings. Hence a big number of metal construction businesses developed. Furthermore, the big increase in population meant a boom in the building industry. Hence a big number of Aluminum Frame Businesses were formed.

The Regional Authorities of W. Macedonia and the scientific community of the area realized the need for the Metal Industry of W. M. with its numerous factories and businesses to develop further and expand as we now have the technical expertise ad the technical staff to do a number of things.

  1. Claim more contracts from the Electricity Company which are now given to other businesses outside W.M.
  2. Cross the borders of W.M. and find other markets within Greece.
  3. Cross the borders of Greece towards the Balkan Countries which are now a new market in Europe.
  4. Aim the Middle East.

The Technological Institute and the Technological Research Centre of West Macedonia have formed a team of scientists and experts that can aid these metal businesses develop and expand.

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